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There are a lot of web site or portal engines out there. But the problem with most of them is that they are either too complicated for a web developer to modify, or their API code is mixed up with HTML, which makes it just as ugly to customize. This "Yet Another Engine" tries to innovate by using techniques very close to the enterprise trend of developing web applications, like the MVC model. In order to attempt approaching such methods, the relatively fresh new Zend Framework was chosen and the result is more than just satisfying.

Xplosion is the result of years' development on the http://www.linux.gr custom portal as well as setting up and modifying sites using the PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System.

Xplosion's purpose is to be as simple as possible while providing web developers with easy installation and building of their own content, design, and application logic. It avoids complexity to make it easier for a Web developer to modify it. It also avoids mixing the application logic code with the views, so as to encourage a clean design.

Xplosion is free software released under the GNU/GPL license.


In the past you could download the source code in seperate version releases. Well, right now the Zend Framework is working towards a much better 1.5 release while Xplosion utilizes the Zend 1.0 branch. Because of yet more changes that are about to come, it's recommended to grab Xplosion straight from the SVN trunk, you can browse the source code here and download it from here.

You can view all the past versioned releases of this project here.

You can find various other stuff at the Sourceforge Project Page (Forums, Bug Tracker, etc ...)


Xplosion currently features:

The following modules are currently provided:


Contacting the Author

Thanos Kyritsis <djart at linux.gr>

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